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Well-groomed hands and nails are a stylish accessory that can be tailored to any outfit. It goes without saying that the manicure techniques and nail polish colors – as in the fashion sector – are based on new trends each year. With which colors are you right in 2019, which nail trends are suitable for everyday use and even fit into serious business fashion and with which sparkling details you make your hands look like? You’ll find out in our nail polish and nail art preview.

Nude Nail Art

nude nail art

You like it with the manicure discreetly? Then this nail polish trend 2019 is just the thing for you: almost like unpainted fingernails in nude tones. On the runways of the “New York Fashion Week”, things were minimalist: for the spring / summer collection by Proenza Schouler, the models wore the nuance “Pure Nude” from the “Proenza Schouler for LancĂ´me Le Vernis” collection. At Kate Spade, the transparently painted nails were decorated with a few discreet glitter particles. The manicure also fell flat with Stella McCartney at the “Paris Fashion Week” as well as Roland Mouret and Mary Katrantzou at the London Fashion Week, who also put on nude-colored nail understatement.

How to wear the nail polish trend in everyday life:
Nude collored paints look particularly nice to short-filed nails and should completely cover the natural color of the fingernail. Therefore apply the nail polish in at least two layers. Great side effect: like skin-colored high heels stretch nude paints the fingers visually and make them look longer and narrower.

Depp Red Tones

deep red nail arts

“Red Chocolate”, a rich red with a splash of brown, was already in fashion in autumn 2018 – and it continues dramatically in 2019: with claret, crimson and other dark red nuances on the fingernails, which depending on the undertone to every skin type and especially beautiful to match elegant outfits. Seen on the catwalk of “London Fashion Week” at Temperley London: Deep red nails for the spring and summer collection inspired by women’s fashion of the 30s and 40s for 2019. Also on the runway show of Prabal Gurung in New York shone the fingers the models like polished in seductive burgundy red.

How to wear the nail polish trend in everyday life:
Dark red nail polishes are especially good for women with a warm skin tone. Anyone who has pale skin with a cool undertone, is in better hands with lighter reds, for example poppy red. Important when painting: The darker the paint, the smoother you should apply it. A base coat also prevents dark reds from leaving unsightly discolourations on the nail surface.


gray nail arts

“Fifty Shades of Gray” on the runway – at the “New York Fashion Week” was the motto at 3.1. Phillip Lim: The US designer’s beauty team opted for a classy smoke gray with a violet undertone as nail polish color for the spring and summer looks for 2019. Numerous other labels also displayed lacquered fingernails on the catwalk in a wide range of gray shades. The beauty of the understated trend color: Stone Gray, Taupe and Co. are so subtle that they fit every style and occasion – from romantic spring outfits to serious business looks. If you like to invest more time in the manicure, you can combine two shades of gray together and then paint the nail crescent, for example, in light gray, then the rest of the nail surface in a darker anthracite.

How to wear the nail polish trend in everyday life:
The unpretentious trend color is an eye-catcher that looks great on tone-on-tone light blouses, serious business suits or fine cashmere sweaters. File your fingernails in an oval or square shape and then apply a matte or gloss gray shade of your choice. If necessary, brush a second layer of lacquer after drying if the natural nail tone still shimmers through.

Noble metallic accents

Noble metallic accents nail arts

In 2019 it may sparkle on the nails – allover, but with individual, subtle glitter elements. Silver shiny nail tips were to be seen at the “New York Fashion Week” among others at the labels Area and Cushnie. The Australian designer Alice McCall, who made her debut at the New York Fashion Week in 2018, also subtly glittered with gold leaf that was applied only to the tips of the otherwise transparent painted nails.

How to wear the nail polish trend in everyday life:
Coat one nail at a time with a metallic nail polish and hold the other four nails in muted nude or red tones. Or just emphasize the nail tips with some gold or silver dust. Equally elegant: a thin line in a metallic tone, such as gold, copper or silver, applied to the crescent or tip of the fingernail. Since these nail designs require a bit of skill and patience, it pays to visit the professional nail salon – or invest in a special metallic nail film.


outlines nail art


This sophisticated nail trend plays with color contrasts and directs the eyes to the hands: colored or shiny metallic outlines that form a frame for each fingernail. At the “New York Fashion Week”, the trend manicure was spotted among others by designer Jeremy Scott, whose beauty team worked with signal colors like cobalt blue, magenta, turquoise or coral. A noble alternative for those who prefer a less greasy look for the nails: shimmering outlines in copper, silver or gold.

How to wear the nail polish trend in everyday life:
The right thing for every day are the fancy outlines on the fingernails certainly not. If you want to top a special evening outfit with an extravagant manicure, you’re in the right place with outlines – for example in metallic nuances. For a clean result, it’s best to go into the hands of a professional nail artist. Experienced manicure fans can implement the edging technique with a little flair and the right equpiment but also at home. For a round look do not forget to match the color of rings or bracelets to the chosen (metallic) nuance of the nail outlines.

Graphical Patterns Nail Art

Graphical Patterns Nail Art
Graphical Patterns Nail Art heart
Graphical Patterns Nail Art

As a contrast to a restrained manicure in gray or nude, numerous designers crowned their spring / summer collections for 2019 with elaborate nail art. At the KITH fashion show in New York, for example, nail artist Alicia Torello decorated the nail tips of the models with patterns in the Greek-inspired Versace style or with striking lines in red and dark blue. The label Gypsy Sport showed in the Big Apple short, angular nails with graphic patterns in black and white optics. Whether strokes, dots, triangles or other geometric shapes: with a steady hand and a bit of creativity, monochrome lacquered nails can be upgraded with the graphic eye-catchers.

How to wear the nail polish trend in everyday life:
A white dot on the nail bed, which is applied to skin-colored nail polish, is a subtle eye-catcher that even beginners can get home quickly and easily. Just as subtle you can emphasize individual fingers or the entire hand with thin, horizontal or vertical lines on the nails. If it’s a more complicated graphic pattern, you can help with nail stamps, stickers or other manicure tools – or go straight to a nail salon.

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