27 Motive for Winter & Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Every woman wants to be beautiful and glamorous for the Silverster celebration – from the head to the feet or as always up to the nail tips. Therefore, we have some great ideas for Christmas winter nails that could give you a nice, festive mood throughout the winter. With a steady hand, the matching nail polish colors and a bit of creativity you can conjure real artwork on your nails.


Christmas Winter Nails in Blue

The dominant colors of Christmas nails are blue, white, red and green. These are then usually brought to advantage with gold and silver accents. Do not forget the trendy Ombre effect, which gives the manicure a nice color gradient. It is often used as a background for nail design with snowflakes. And of course the matt lacquer variants in combination with high-gloss nail polish. Motifs such as deer, snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and others are welcome on the nails. If you can not draw complicated motifs, then try the nail stickers with winter theme. Make your nails shine by applying nail polish with glitter particles at the end.

Christmas Winter Nails with Ombre Effect

The easiest way to get the Ombre design is to use a sponge to paint. Namely, paint the nails as usual with a white nail polish. Once this has dried, pick up a sponge and drip a few drops of blue varnish on it. Now dab the paint on the nail tips. Then you can decorate with rhinestones and snowflakes. Finally apply a transparent topcoat.

White and Black Snowflakes on Golden background

It’s especially easy to get a nice nail design if you use finished stickers. Apply a golden or silver nail polish or use any other color that suits winter or Christmas. Then stick the stickers on the fingernails. To keep them beautiful, do not forget the top varnish!

Decent Winter Nails in Blue and Silver

The two-tone half moon manicure has been a hit since last year! It is the modern alternative to the French manicure. Whoever can, of course, makes the design with a free hand and a thin brush. But that can be pretty difficult. Remedy here the hole reinforcing rings.

Snowy Hills on the Nails

One tool that can be used quite differently in nail design is the dotting tool. This can decorate the nails with polka dots, make little flowers or draw eyes. The dotting tool usually has different sized ends, so you can make smaller and larger dots. So you can conjure a whole snowy landscape with snowmen and snowflakes on the nails.
As an alternative to the dotting tool, however, you can pretty much use whatever size you want. For example, hairpins, toothpicks and the eraser of a pencil are super handy for super big points.
For the figure of a snowman on the fingernail you have to paint with white nail polish three different sized dots on top of each other. Then the eyes and buttons are painted with black. Do not forget the orange nose. If your nails are too short, you can simply display the face of the snowman on the entire fingernail area.

Christmas Tree with a Difference

Christmas trees on the fingernails are a great motive for your next nail design. A small dose of glitter is always part of Christmas. With a few tricks everyone can imitate this easily. You only need nail polish in two different colors, tape and some glitter nail polish or rhinestones.

A Small Christmas tree

Apply the light nail polish and let it dry well. Stick the outlines of the Christmas tree with the strips of tape and paint in the field with a covering color. Beginners may also simply picture the Christmas tree as a triangle. You will recognize what it should be, the golden rhinestone on top.
Look for a good contrast between the two nail polish tones. Once the second layer of nail polish has dried, apply the glitter nail polish. If all layers are dry, you can remove the tape.

Noble and Glamorous

Paint your nails with a monochrome nail polish and let it dry well. Then you can apply a glitter nail polish from the nail tip to about half of the nail. Use either the brush of nail polish, or a small sponge. The nail polish is painted on the sponge and then dabbed on the nail. Excess glitter can be removed with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover.

Santa hat Christmas Nail Art

The Santa hat is another great idea for a winter nail design. There are several ways to display the Santas cap on the fingernails. That’s the easiest of them. First apply a nail polish in Nude as a primer and let it dry. Then, using the adhesive tape technique or with your free hand, paint a triangle with red nail polish. Then add the pompom to the cap and the white border, let it dry and you’re done with the Santa manicure!

Ombre Gradient as a Background

French Manicure with winter flair

Festive Red Winter Nails Art

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