Amazing Nursery Ideas for the most beloved Kid


Hooray! Offspring announces itself in the family!

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Hooray! Offspring announces itself in the family!

Now you suddenly face thousands of questions: How do I set up my baby room? Which cot do I need? Where should I place the changing table? Which furniture does my future favorite need?

To give you something to jump on, we have searched on the internet and put some great ideas for the baby room together.

Modern furnished is this baby room. Especially practical is the 3-in-1 cot from the British manufacturer Snüz: the attachment can be easily lifted out of the frame so that the bed becomes a mobile cradle. In addition, it can be used as a side bed in addition to the parent bed. Very useful, as we find!

When the sunlight floods the nursery in the afternoon, the furniture is rendered golden in natural wood colors. Wonderful to look at! In addition, we like the lovingly designed decoration in the background very much.

Small note: The shown here bed by the British manufacturer Snüz can be extended if necessary, so it grows with your child!

Simple but functional and at the same time elegant – the baby bed by Kalon is a design classic and fits easily into any nursery!

The wall shelves, as shown here, are easily attached to the wall using felt tapes – totally uncomplicated and super chic!

Through this sweet wall decoration, the children immerse themselves very fast in the world of the fantasies. Goodnight!

A little tip: Mobile Play bows, as shown here, promote the motor skills development of your baby and always arouse his curiosity.