Great Ikea Kallax Hacks

No doubt that Ikea is a brand that everyone knows today. One good reason is that the furniture is practical, space-saving and functional. They score not only with clever space solutions but also with an extremely cool design.

Today, the Ikea Shelves Kallax are in the spotlight – the system can be used as a room divider, as well as a storage space in the nursery. If you want to show your creativity, Kallax can be installed on the desk or on the kitchen island. Use them where ever you want.

Here are some cool Ikea Kallax hack ideas for you.

a good idea to divide the kitchen from the rest of the room and store the ingredients.

You can also use the shelf like a mini room divider. It isolates the area where you want to rest from the area where you eat. The strong green color also adapts itself to the green on the sofa.

That is a perfect example what you can do with three small Kallax units. Instead of using that shelves as they are, they upgraded with a glass door. You can furnish your living room with great showcases and it looks pretty decent. Of course, you the color of the shelves depends on your room setup.

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